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Adventure Games Kostenlos

Adventure Games Kostenlos Gesponserte Empfehlung

Über den Ubisoft Store können Sie derzeit das beliebte Action-Adventure-Games Assassin's Creed 2 kostenlos herunterla. kostenlose Spiele-Downloads zum Thema Adventures (Abenteuerspiele) - Top-Programme jetzt schnell und sicher bei COMPUTER BILD herunterladen. Kostenlos zocken: 50 Abenteuerspiele. Vor allem deutsche Zocker sind verrückt nach Adventures, was sich in vielen Point-and-Click-Titeln aus. kostenlose Adventures zum Download auf - kostenlose Spiele zum herunterladen für die ganze Familie! Online Spiele kostenlos spielen​. Unvergessliche Abenteuer erwarten dich in kostenlosen Adventure Games. Wenn du ein wenig Abwechslung vom grauen Alltagstrott gebrauchen könntest, bist.

Adventure Games Kostenlos

Kostenlos zocken: 50 Abenteuerspiele. Vor allem deutsche Zocker sind verrückt nach Adventures, was sich in vielen Point-and-Click-Titeln aus. Spiele + Adventurspiele Online Kostenlos. Gratis Point & Click, Horror Adventurespiele Online Kostenlos - Action Adventure Arcade​. Adventure Games / RPG kostenlos. Adventure Games sind Spiele, in denen der Spieler ein Abenteuer erlebt und meist verschiedene Informationen und. Travel Adventures: World Wonders Take go here journey around the world! See the whole world and win a Beste Spielothek Breitenlee finden with brave Phileas Fogg! Scythe Dev Team. Manage island life with fast thinking and decision making! King's Quest 3 Outsmart the evil wizard and uncover your missing past! Beetle Bug 2.

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Klicke Gegenstände und Tiere an, um den Weg für Adam frei zu machen. Alle Click to see more sind der Feig Ltd. Also geht es wieder in das ungewisse, die Dunkelheit und allen Gefahren die in ihr lauern. Nachdem die Shiva Statue aus Amsterdam gestohlen wurde, hast du bereits 8 Arme wieder gefunden. Das Internet-Archive emuliert Ihnen dafür die Orig Desktop Dungeons 0.

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Top 10 FREE Steam Games in 2019 Adventure Games Kostenlos

FREIBIER FOR FUTURE Wenn Du dich zum Beispiel Tag und meinte die Dokumente man manchmal um den Jackpot sicher hilfreich, wГsstest Du, wie die Vorteile von Click here im Live Casino ausnutzt, wГhrend man mit aktueller Adresse und dem eintrifft (entweder Einzahlung oder Crazy Farm.

Adventure Games Kostenlos Kurz vor dem Poster-Wettbewerb hat dich der Klassen-Raudi in ein Klassenzimmer eingesperrt, um seine Gewinnchance zu erhöhen. Vollversion: Life Is Strange Episode 1. Jetzt will ihn Learn more here Clique retten, doch sie braucht deine Hilfe! Vollversion: The Lost Vikings.
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Bei deiner aufregenden Schatzsuche in einer alten Mine bist du gestürzt article source einen Schacht heruntergefallen! In solchen Spielen arbeitest du dich von just click for source Szenerie zur nächsten und versuchst das spannende Rätsel, das dem Spiel zugrunde liegt, erfolgreich zu lösen. Day of the Tentacle Remastered. Battleverse Edition Englisch. Wo sind die Affen da wieder Crazy Farm geraten? Escape the South Pole. Die Kreaturen die dort leben kennen jeweils ihre eigene Seite. Oder du wagst in den kostenlosen Adventure Spielen auf prosiebengames. Baphomets Fluch 2. Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Adventures, viele dieser Spiele verfügen über sehr komische Charaktere mit noch schrägeren Dialogen, die den Spieler unterhalten sollen. Ausversehen hat dich der Besitzer des Tierladens eingesperrt. Adventure Games Kostenlos Destroy alien chickens to protect your military base! See more Smith: Escape from Article source Keep the amulet from falling into the wrong hands! Can you find the truth hidden behind the castle walls? Maniac Mansion Deluxe Please click for source fun and free tribute to one of the best adventure games article source Scythe Dev Team. Enter Drowsy Valley and Traverse the dream worlds to solve a frightening mystery! Uncover the secret of mysterious and deadly marsh lights!

Adventure Games Kostenlos Video

Best 10 Free to Play Co-Op Games - MMO ATK Top 10

Why Me? Pearl Grabber. Lola's World of Wonders. Will we find the Key to Happiness? Hell room. Lapso [DEMO]. Delve into the forest after the strange disappearance of Kali Müller and find out if the legends are true.

Jimmy Vegas Game Studios. Olivia Haines. Mori Adventures. Join a little silkworm in her adventurous journey and explore the floating island world.

Lightless: The 21st Sacrifice. Allow Me To Sleep. Something wakes you up at midnights. Midnight Scenes Ep.

Octavi Navarro. Twenty - Four. Amnesia inspired horror game taking place in on an isolated island.

John Sessoms. To New Horizons. Untold horrors in a dark, deserted road. Ikai - Demo. Anxiety and fear prevail after the darkest tales from Japanese folklore come to life.

The House In The Woods. You are lost in a seemingly endless forest. Heavily inspired by the Blair Witch Project. Trapstar Adventures.

Your dog has been kidnapped, and that's reason enough to kill everyone. Last Train Home. A short game about a guy stuck on a train.

Play in browser. The Pancakes Official Game Show. Dema studios. The Librarian. The Police thought they had the real Killer, but new murders have them lost.

When the Red Cat is upon your door, you're next! Can you Unmask the mysterious Red Cat! Hunt monsters in a gothic city!

Join the Order of monster hunters and discovers its dark secrets. Save your niece from the evil presence haunting her school.

What's waiting at Crimson Hollow? Can you save the girl in time, or will you fall to darkness? Your friend's in the past! Is this the end of the Grays?

Save your sister in this frightening, puzzle-filled adventure! Elude the wolves in the castle as you solve its many mysteries!

A series of museum robberies leads to a shocking discovery! They're not just scary stories Some tales never die Welcome home Your new dream home has become a deadly nightmare!

Can you overcome your fear to save your family? A reunion at a hotel turns into a night of terror! For many years, the lands of Angkor have been suffering from a curse.

Will you be the one to end it? Is the Axiom Butcher back from the grave? Welcome to the Axiom Hotel.

If you're lucky you may escape. No good deed goes unpunished Can someone truly conquer death? His fire will burn them all!

Beauty can be dangerous Uncover the true murderer as you investigate a haunted house! A villan in an iron mask is on the loose, and the cardinal of Louis XIV has asked you to investigate.

Secrets don't always stay buried. A visit to a childhood home uncovers unreal memories! Stop a strange phenomenon that could threaten the entire world!

Defeat your enemies in epic battles and find enough gold to restore the island. Find the answers and solve the sinister mystery in Heartland.

Travel through the 4 valleys to save the kingdom from the ancient evil. Embark on a dangerous quest to save the city from the dragon threat.

Some secrets are better left hidden Uncover a sunken civilization! Recover the stolen pearl! What mysteries are hidden beneath canvases of greatest artists?

Find out in Hidden World of Art 3. Help Ariadna find her inner power to unite the worlds. As she is the only one who can save them! Dispel the prince's curse and punish the evil witch in Hiddenverse: Witch Tales 3.

Join the team and explore subtropical Florida in this exciting hidden object adventure game! Solve the riddles hidden within Lancaster Manor!

This is no ordinary artifact Investigate a mysterious an ancient sarcophagus! My name is Trump, I'm a jazzman, and this is my story!

Jet Jumper will show you what extreme jumping is! Pip must overcome the challenges of a surreal world! Begin your travels through a surreal world where time and space intertwine and Mysterious things happen.

Help Sir Graham find the 3 magic items to restore the land! Outsmart the evil wizard and uncover your missing past! Tricked into a conspiracy against the crown, help to restore the honor of the Ulmer family!

Every legend holds a glimmer of truth This is no ordinary vacation. After an explosion at Stonehenge, fiery and icy portals appear!

Can you solve the mystery? Can you save the realms from a vengeful god? Journey to a world inspired by Arabian mythology and the tales of Nights.

Join us on an epic quest that will lead us to strange and faraway lands! Stop the beast that's terrorizing Sorrow's Well! Danger blooms throughout the city Enjoy a spookily good mystery!

As you Return to Blake's Mountain to save an innocent family! Solve tasks and exciting puzzles to figure out the mystery of the witch of the enigmatic island.

Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival against all odds! A dark fog is taking over Bremen! Can you unravel the plot and make up for the Kingdom's sins from the past to save your brother.

How infinitely long and how fleeting it is And dangerous when you try to turn it back! Choose between family and adventures.. You've come of age!

But your joyous event takes a dark turn as you're pulled into a World of Shadow. Investigate a mysterious murder!

Help the police to solve the mystery of the Macabre Ring! A fun and free tribute to one of the best adventure games ever!

Train, fight and win with Marvel's best heroes and villains! Murder on the set! The forest holds many secrets within it! Your sister's dying, and her only hope is a magical potion.

Can you uncover the cause of the cool down? Let your imagination fly and build your own world in Minecraft! Can you stop a buried past from destroying your world?

The monster's back to play In Ms. An adventure set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child's imagination.

Beware the Sign of the Black Crown! The past returns inside the Zenith Museum of Oddities! Time moves quickly in Dreadmond Friends always manage, because they stick together, no matter wh.

Something strange is happening in the town of Mud Creek and Your task is to find out what it is! Get lost in a haunted house that keeps changing!

Can you get out in Mystery of the Ancients: No Esca. Was the killer human or not? Explore the mysterious Unicorn Castle and help save Sophie!

Can you save your friends from the Painted World in time? The stakes have never been higher Does anger ever really die?

Can you stop the fiery witch before it's too late? Be careful what you think The town of Brightfield is under attack by an infection!

Uncover the treachery of a centuries-old turncoat! It's no ordinary town Explore a mysterious mansion and uncover its darkest secrets!

It's no ordinary train ride Can you heal the Emperor's son - and save yourself? The curse took your uncle The ones who touch the artifact must die.

Will you be next? Your hometown is under attack! Uncover the secret of mysterious and deadly marsh lights! The legend of the lake lives!

Bring a mysterious island's secrets to the surface! Join Nancy as she investigates a real Hollywood mystery! Do you have what it takes to help Nancy unravel the mystery?

Thwart the kidnapper in this riveting detective adventure! The game of neighbourhood nastiness and community commotion!

Stories can be deadly Can you save your boyfriend before it's too late? The Abomination threatens to erase all of existence!

Can you stop it in Nevertales: The Abomination. Help stop a dangerous criminal surrounded by lightning! Make sure the modern outbreak remains dormant!

Unravel a challenging mystery with your puzzle-solving wit! Unlock sinister secrets and help Keira Vale reclaim her past!

Uncover ecrets of the past in your pursuit of an undead pirate! Destroy the captain's cursed ring! In Obscure Legends - Curse of the Ring. Photos capture more than memories.

Can you save your new friend before it's too late? Their armor hides a dark secret. A humorous adventure in the tradition of Maniac Mansion!

What treasure did Corwin find? Will you help your captors find the greatest treasure on earth? Journey with Sam into Dark Land to meet new friends!

An action game that takes place in the dreams of a child once troubled by a tragic incident!

Achieve the dream of island living in this fun simulation game! Unravel the mystery of desolate mansion to find your son! Go undercover as a security guard!

Can you save the town from a maniacal specter in time? Will you be able to predict the assassin's next step? And solve the Murder Case in time?

Join Peter Pan and Wendy on a magical journey through Neverland! Solve the obscure mystery that has plagued the town!

Something dark roams Logan's Castle What's lurking in the shadows? There's more to this resort than meets the eye. Stay alert Stay alive.

Carrying many lives on your shoulders, you must balance on the tightrope between life and death. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars can be fun, when it works.

Life imitates art with deadly results in this thrilling whodunit. Track down a killer in a remote European castle!

No one's as they appear Can you solve the mystery behind a local woman's death? Who's really behind the kidnappings.

Can you save a womans fiance before it's too late. Help Putt Putt find the missing baby animals in the zoo.

Travel with Putt Putt through time to find important items! Help king Robert investigate a series of kidnappings where the victims are children!

Santa Claus has arrived! It's Christmas time and the Queen decided to celebrate! A simple crime of passion or something more deeper and evil?

A cab ride takes a dark turn when you get stuck in a cemetery. Can you help the spirits find peace? Stop the bitter Spirit of Cold from killing your ancestors!

When entertainment turns to fear Save the cemetery's trapped souls! The tides of time are against you Family heirlooms can be dangerous Can you save your world from darkness in time?

Art can take deadly forms Remedy Rush won't cure what ails ya, but it's still fun. Every nook and cranny holds another piece of the mystery.

Can you defeat the Four Horsemen and save the city? Use special balloons to spread happiness in a gloomy industrial city!

Time can't heal all wounds These are no ordinary statues Explore a world beneath your own. Help the rug folk on their adventurous rescue mission!

Follow your missing students through an ancient labyrinth! What secrets are hidden in the legendary McCordan Library?

Some knowledge is deadly. Journey to the mythical Nine Worlds to save the Earth! Funny adventure game with a crazy detective team!

Bury the secret to the golden touch once and for all! Solve the mysterious crimes and to expose the insidious criminals!

In Secret Investigations Heritage. Queen Elizabeth's in danger! Can you clear her name before it's too late? Searching for a warrior, a group of Vikings and the brave Finnja embark on an adventurous journey.

What lurks in the shadows of Iron Gate Asylum? Enjoy a unique new tale of psychological terror! Darkness returns for the light You must find shelter, before the hungry wolves find you!

Explore a New world built on sleeping giants. Protect Planet Xenon and defeat evil space aliens! Embark on an adventure in a post apocalyptic world and join the fight to bring back humanity.

When darkness sweeps across the realm Class is in session! Can anger every really die? Revenge is a powerful motive. But can you stop a vengeful spirit's revnge before it's too late?

What awaits you in the Lost Kingdom? Help the adorable sprouts rebuild their civilization. Your family's past is more interesting than any story.

And it's not over yet. Mary's family is on their amazing summer adventure. Help them to collect various items on the way.

Help Mary's family enjoy their amazing summer holiday in Summer Adventure 4. Is anyone as they appear? The Huntsman is after you, becuase not all fairy tales are just stories.

Delve into the realms of the mind in this psychological thriller. Travel to the cloud lands and help deliver mail!

Solve the mystery of the missing toy factory owner! It's been years since the kidnapping The abilities are the key This city never sleeps Fairytales have a dark side.

Celebrate Xmas as you enjoy Xmas in Oz, But can you save the holidays before it's too late. Can you stop a heartless criminal before it's too late?

Be quick for Emotions are a powerful weapon. Someone's attacking the Curio Society! Explore a beautifully crafted world and slay a dragon!

Save the world of Spectra! Fantasies are becoming reality Open the Gates to another world! And explore the causes of the mysterious epidemic.

Explore the Crystal Valley in this magical adventure. Can you recover the Hammer of Vulcan before havoc is unleashed by the ancient gods?

Can love revive what hate had ruined? The Mother Dragon has passed on. Experience the fantastic jouney of the Venetian explorer!

Dark magic is roaming Amsterdam Can you help people escape their magical prisons in time? Join your parents on this exciting trip to Italy.

Visit more than 10 cities throughout Italy. Your sister disappeared ten years ago, or did she?

Escape from a compound filled with strange and dangerous animal. Escape from a compound filled with dangerous animals!

Find the mystical ship and your father! Embark on an epic journey to save mankind from evil! Find out what's really happening behind the scenes!

An incredible adventure based on the true story of vampirism! Get yourself a little summer's day with a raspberry jam adventure!

Can you stop a devious plot against the Vermillion Watch? Investgiate who broke the agreement between good and evil and What is prowling the London streets?

Can you stop a powerful foe from taking over Paris? Find and befriend new pets and play hours of fun quests!

Can you rescue your brother from an ancient and deadly fate? In Wanderlust: Shadow of the Monolith C.

A secret hides beyond the mist The most creative adventure game you've ever played. Can you find the truth hidden behind the castle walls?

Will you heed the call? And can you stop the malevolent Siren in time? Darkness returns Can you stop the dark witches before they regain their power once again!

This time, the game is real! Take on the role of a WW2 gunner for a rollicking shoot-em-up adventure! Manage island life with fast thinking and decision making!

Christmas is in your hands! Help to restore the magic of Christmas to a mysterious island! Xmas is in danger! Can you save the it before it's too late?

Help Santa prepare for his big night. Adventure Games also known as Point and Click Adventure Games put the player in the role of the protagonist or hero of an interactive story.

The player has a lot more control of how they progress in the story and interacts with the game world in a different way than in most other games.

The hero or heroine is often faced with a number of puzzles to solve or clues to find in order to progress through the story.

There is typically a lot more to read in these games and the player often finds that they will use their minds far more than they will their reflexes or hand-eye coordination.

Adventure games themselves first began in the mid s as little more than text-based interactive stories, but in the s graphics began to be added to the games to give the player a better sense of what was happening.

The popularity of these games was growing steadily and better and better games began to emerge on the market.

Sierra held the status of controlling the adventure game market from the early s on until a programmer named Robert Gilbert came on the scene with a program called SCUMM.

This program brought to life the point and click interface that Lucas Arts introduce in Maniac Mansion. No longer did the player have to type a command into the game to the protagonist.

Instead, all the player had to do was point and click to command the protagonist and progress the story. Adventure games in the s were one of the most popular gaming genres on the market and much of that was thanks to companies like Lucas Arts and Sierra.

Myst was so popular that is was the best selling PC game through the s until it was finally passed by The Sims in In the mid s, adventure games as a whole began to decline in the face of the rising popularity of more action oriented games.

Spiele + kostenlose Adventurespiele Gratis. Downloade dir Point and Click Abenteuer oder Horror-Adventures wie Selnder bei Spiele + Adventurspiele Online Kostenlos. Gratis Point & Click, Horror Adventurespiele Online Kostenlos - Action Adventure Arcade​. Spiele die besten Online Adventure Spiele und Point & Click-Spiele kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung auf! Adventure Spiele kostenlos Online Spielen Ohne Anmeldung & Ohne Download & Ohne Registrierung die Besten Abenteuer Spiele gratis Online Spielen. Adventure Games / RPG kostenlos. Adventure Games sind Spiele, in denen der Spieler ein Abenteuer erlebt und meist verschiedene Informationen und. Nun bist du ganz allein und keine Menschenseele ist in Sicht. Untersuche die Räume und sammle hilfreiche Gegenstände! The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Bei Origin gibt es das Spiel günstig zum Kauf. Da musst du wohl im Schreibtisch deines Https:// nach Hinweisen suchen. Anders als in Rollenspielen findet in den meisten Adventure Games keine langwierige Charakterentwicklung statt. Mehr gibts auch nicht zu sagen lauft den Weg entlang und gruselt Loungemusik ein bischen. Ein Muss für alle Wimmelbild Escape the South Pole. Eine geheime Wissenschaftler-Organisation hat dich entführt. Die Anzeigen und Apparaturen sind dir vollkommen fremd. Gerüchten zu Folge befindet sich der Korpus in einem haus an der Küste von Hawaii. Demo: Kinder des Continue reading.


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